For most players, playing Pokie games is just a little bit of fun and a way of passing some time and with some luck in playing every now and then those players could end their Pokie playing session with a higher bankroll than they started with.

However, what we are seeing more and more is that many Pokie players are wishing to educate themselves in regards to the actual mathematics behind each Pokie game they play and will want to ensure that those free pokies they do finally select to play are going to be the ones that will give them the best winning chances.

Mathematics of Pokie MachinesAs such we have put together the following article in which you are going to gain a much clearer and deeper upstanding of the mathematics, odds and chances attached to Pokie games, so please do read on as you may find this article helps you make the correct decision in regards to just which pokie games you end up playing online or on a mobile device!

Long Term Expected Payout Percentages – One of the major mistakes that a Pokie player can make is to play a Pokie machine that will eat up your bankroll far too quickly, and sadly it is a simple fact of life that some Pokie games have been set to return very low long term expected payout percentages!

That is one thing that every single Pokie player will need to always be fully aware of and should pay very careful attention to just which pokies games they are going to play and to ensure that those pokies offer a decent chance of paying out.

Many land based casinos in Australia will not give you any information what so ever in regards to what each of their pokie games has been set to return to players over their long term play, however online and mobile casino sites have no problems letting you know what the RTP’s are on any of their Pokie games.

As such there are three different places you can look for that information, the first is one the website of one of our featured top rated Australia casino sites, or on the pay tables of their range of pokie games or even in the help files attached to all of their Pokie games too.

Max Bet Spins to Increase Payout Potential – The older styled three reel pokies games are often going to be offering players an enhanced jackpot payout if you choose to play them either for maximum coins on a single payline three reel Pokie or when playing maximum pay lines on a multi-line three reel Pokie.

So please do always have a quick glance at the pay table of any three reel Pokie game you may be about to play to see if there is an enhanced jackpot on offer, and if so play that Pokie game with the maximum number of lines or coins in live play to maximum your winning chances when playing it for real money!

Odds of Winning a Progressive Jackpot – The odds of you waling off with a mega sized and life changing progressive jackpot payout are going to be enormous as those types of jackpots are often only won once every few months or even once every few years!

However, if you are seeking a Pokie game that is going to give you much more chances of winning a progressive jackpot then consider playing a Pokie which awards random jackpots, as the slightly lower valued jackpots on offer or those types of Pokie games do get won much more often by players!

When Stake Level Increase Your Winning Chances – Some pokie game offer not one single set in stone long term expected payout percentage but there may be several different payout percentages on offer on some Pokie games.

However, those pokies have been designed in such a way that it will be the stake levels you are playing them for that will determine the long term RTP that Pokie game will be aiming to return to you and all other players over your long term play, and it is always the case players playing for the highest stake amounts will get a better and higher RTP when playing those types of pokie games!

Bonus Play – When you claim a casino bonus the casino site will attach a set of play through requirements to your bonus play session, and when taking some bonuses the play through is set that high you have virtually no chance of meeting and exceeding it, and as such many players never play pokies with bonus credits!

Understanding Pokie Game Variance – One last thing that we would like to draw to your attention is in regards to how each Pokie game is going to play and pay. The best Pokie games to play if you are looking for regularly spun in winning combinations albeit rather low in values ones are the pokies which offer you a low variance type of playing format.

However, if you want to have a much better chance one triggering some slightly higher valued paying bonus games or spinning in fewer low valued winning base game payouts but some high paying ones that look out for and play a medium variance online Pokie.

If you are prepared to through caution to the wind and fancy playing a very risky type of pokie then a high variance pokie will be the one for you, however keep in mind those pokie games can eat up your bankroll very quickly and give nothing in return, but out of the blue every now and then they an award a huge valued jackpot payout or a large paying bonus game will be awarded to you!